Welcome, thank you for coming over to Front Porch Photography! Pull up a rocking chair and let's talk. Pictures, photos, portraits, stories without words - these have always been my passion. As a child I obsessed over an album of yellowed pictures my grandmother kept in her living room. I wanted to see the "shunshine" picture. It was a candid of me, as a baby, squinting into a bright ball of lemon colored sunshine. I thought it was magical. It made me feel warm, loved, and at home.

I detoured to other loves through the years, including teaching English and journalism to high school students. But, the pull of those wordless memories continued even then. I learned to look for moments and emotion as a journalist. I also found that sometimes the best shots are the ones where nobody knows the camera is on them. Teaching photography skills to students made me want to improve my own skills, so I took classes, read books, and took pictures! Lots and lots of pictures! Some of them weren't any good, but some of them stopped me, and made me laugh, cry, remember. My passion was back on track - making sure that all of my photographs made people really feel.

From this passion, Front Porch Photography was born. My goal is not to take your picture, but to give you quality images that will make you want to sit on the porch, in your rocker, and remember. Remember with tears, laughter and every emotion in between. Remember, because these are the people, places and moments you never want to forget.

I am a wife, mother, daughter and friend. I am also a photographer, and I can't wait to get to know you and share your story!